According to CMR konwecja have OCP shipping on domestic and foreign markets.

We specialize in international transport based on a highly developed network of shipping. We provide our services using specialized trucks, with a total weight of 7.5 to 40.0 dmc. The most important advantage of the activities in this segment is that it does not apply to statutory traffic regulations in the days off work. This allows us to quickly and efficiently reach the designated recipient.

We transport goods with a total mass, respectively:
from 100 by 3500kg, 5500kg to 24000kg
of 10m3 by 55m3, 65m3 to 110m3, both neutral and on pallets, and other packaging

On request, we also organize transport with increased payload and volume.
To meet customer expectations, we decided to start their own warehouse in Kłodzko.
We have paved maneuvering area of 7000 sq. M, the average storage warehouse area of 1,800 square meters. The whole is equipped with lighting and forklifts and clock protection

The company is a major, a licensed manufacturer of pallets located on the closed
list of licensed exporters to the EU (Official Journal of the European Communities No.
150/16 06.07.1997).

We use modern machinery of air-capacity 700 pieces a day.
Currently, our monthly production capacity is around 10 000 units. The main used by the
our raw material is spruce (90%) and pine (10%).

On request we produce every type of pallets and transport packaging (eg
crates and other pallets) of the desired dimension.

Prices of different types w / in the product is calculated according to customer requirements
the quality (eg, in class I - III).

Moreover, we advise on our products, packaging and customizing
palette to the features that should meet the specific application and customer.
We have our own means of transport which ensures timely delivery throughout the country.

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